Thank You – From Us To You During COVID-19

Dwain McDonald, CEO of DPD UK, records a message from his home during lockdown, thanking the public for their support during COVID-19 lockdown.


He says: “We’ve been writing a blog recently talking about the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce and I’ve had lots of private messages sent through to me. Mainly from people who’ve received parcels from us and been so kind and so thankful. And leaving the drivers lovely notes and even little gifts.


“It’s really raised a smile with all my workforce.”


“We have thousands of people in the background that you never see, and I call them all rockstars because I’m so proud of them all. And I just wanted to say I will pass on all of your personal thanks to all of them.”


Dwain goes on to praise the whole DPD UK team, talks about DPD’s commitment to the environment and thanks the public for supporting DPD UK during the pandemic.